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A criminal conviction can change your entire life. While the hope is that it won’t define you, many others may define you because of it. All of a sudden, you could simply be known as Criminal. Worse, this new label can impact you in multiple ways. Your career, your family, your ability to get an education, everything. Because of this, it is critical to have an experienced advocate like Jack by your side. Otherwise, you might very well go into this blind and that is the last thing that you want to do. Just look at some of his results. Jack is time tested and his results speak for themselves.


State v R.O.: felony burglary charge dismissed. felony drug charge dismissed

Client made some poor decisions years ago but the State charged but then failed to pursue and prosecute these cases. In the meantime, the Client had a perfect record and had completely turned his life around. Jack aggressively fought both cases until they were both dismissed in their entirety giving the Client a chance to be the person he had worked so hard to become.


A former girlfriend filed for an Order for Protection against client who strongly denied the allegations. We had to go to trial on this case where I cross examined the complaining witness about the allegations and then put client on the stand to refute. Court agreed with us and case was dismissed outright.

State v M.E.: Stay of Adjudication and ultimately a dismissal.

M.E. was charged with gross misdemeanor interference with a 911 call and misdemeanor DWI. Jack was able to negotiation a dismissal of the DWI case and a stay of adjudication on the 911 case which too was ultimately dismissed. In other words, M.E. was able to walk out of the courtroom without any criminal convictions and no time to serve.

State v. B.M.: case dismissed

Jack’s client B.M. was charged with a misdemeanor domestic assault. The case simply didn’t happen the way the Government claimed that it did. It took some time but eventually the Government recognized their error and dismissed the case outright.


A.K. was charged with prostitution. However, from the beginning of the case, some things simply didn’t make any sense. After extensive discovery and looking at the behavior of the officer involved in the case, the Government determined that they did not want to more forward with the case. It was dismissed outright.

State v M.H.: Jack Keeps client convicted of rape from serving any jail

Client was charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, rape, which carries a presumptive 144 months in prison. Jack was able to convince a judge to not sentence client to any prison time whatsoever and to place him on probation. County took case to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Count but Jack’s client prevailed anyway. This case received extensive media coverage because of the surrounding facts but Jack was able to consistently articulate his client’s position to those same organizations.

state v R.B.: Jury Trial where client acquitted on Gross Misdemeanor Domestic Assault charges protecting his gun right

R.B. was charged with gross misdemeanor domestic assault charges and the ramifications of such a conviction would dramatically impact his future. Jack took the case to trial and R.B. was acquitted of the more serious GM charges and was only convicted of a disorderly conduct.

state v F.L.: Client Charged with Rape avoids Prison and Lifetime Registration

F.L. had a great future ahead of him until he faced 1st Degree CSC charges. After more than a year of effort, Jack was able to keep him out of prison and also able to avoid the lifetime registration requirement that frequently comes with these kinds of charges.


Jack’s Client came to Jack about Client’s ex who claimed rape but before Client charged. Jack quickly investigated and contacted Investigating officers with evidence of false allegations. State refused to Charge.

State v. T.M.: Client Facing 25 years and half a million in fines gets Stay of Adjudication

Jack’s Client was potentially facing 25 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Instead, his Client was able to get a Stay of Adjudication which means she has no conviction of any kind.

State v. D.C.: Not Guilty of Murder.

The difference between murder cases and the rest is the amount of effort and resources the Government is prepared to spend. After weeks of jury trial and dozens of government witnesses, the jury came back with a Not Guilty on the direct murder counts while only finding Client guilty of lesser counts.

State v. A.S.: Not Guilty of Felon in possession of a firearm.

The police and prosecutors absolutely wanted to convict Jack’s client. He had previously been convicted of a felon in possession charge and a conviction of felony felon possession of a firearm that would have resulted in a mandatory 60 months plus in prison. After a very long and aggressive trial, Jack and his Client prevailed in convincing the jury that the officer was mistaken in his testimony that Client ever possessed a firearm. Not guilty!

state v N.M.: Client Avoids felony conviction in domestic by strangulation and also avoids any jail

N.M. was charged with a felony domestic assault by strangulation. While there were a lot of issues to address, the biggest concern for client was to avoid the felony. Through thorough preparation and effort, Jack was able to get the felony dismissed and have client sentenced as a gross misdemeanor and also avoided any jail time.

state v D.T.: Client Whose driving conduct resulted in death avoids felony and convicted on Careless driving

D.T. was speeding through an intersection and struck another vehicle, killing the driver. Jack was able to avoid a felony homicide charge and client pled to careless driving with no jail time.

State v. L.S.:FELONY ASSAULT case dismissed

Jack’s client L.S. was charged with a 3rd degree serious felony assault. With such a conviction, his career was over. Jack worked tirelessly and the case was dismissed.

Jack’s professionalism and sincerity quickly set my mind at ease throughout the legal process.
— Anonymous Client Testimonial